Need a Biocontrols Advisor? There’s an App for That

A new app from Bioline AgroSciences aims to help growers and distributors implement their biocontrol programs in the best conditions. According to the company, the goal of the Bioline App is simple: to make accessible to all the integrated pest management and the protection with beneficial insects to all the producers.

Sébastien Rousselle, Bio-solutions Marketing Manager, explains the concept as follows: “The Bioline App brings together many tools in a single place. It is no longer necessary to be cluttered with multiple sources of information, many sites or datasheets. Everything is gathered in the same place and updated regularly.”


Just launched last month, the Bioline App was been designed in partnership with users to identify key features that may be needed by producers using beneficial insects and other integrated pest management solutions. The application can be used in all cropping systems (greenhouses, open fields) and on most crops (vegetables, cereals, arboriculture, vines, etc.). It is aimed at producers as well as sales engineers in agricultural distribution.

Some of the app highlights include:

  • Tools for recognizing pests
  • Tools for finding the right solutions
  • Crop programs
  • Access to personalized crop programs (Premium Account)
  • Direct chat/message with biocontrol expert advisor (Premium Account)

And since agricultural plots are not always in areas well covered by telephone networks, the user can activate an offline mode, making the application accessible anywhere, with or without a connection.

The free Bioline App is available in French, English, and Spanish. It can be downloaded on iOS
and Android application stores.