New Line of Precision Labeling Equipment Now Available

MPS RockLine LabelerWestrock’s Multi Packaging Solutions business recently introduced a new line of precision labeling equipment designed specifically for the horticulture industry. The new RockLine line of automatic label applicators provides the ability to apply pre-printed and inline printed labels to pots, print variable information on adhesives during production, and provide options to verify barcode readability.

Combining Multi Packaging Solutions’ horticulture knowledge and label expertise with WestRock Automated Packaging Systems’ expertise in automation, WestRock is able to provide a new solution to reduce labor and increase production, allowing growers to quickly react to the needs of their customers. Offered in four models, from offline to inline printing, and from two-head to four-head applicators, WestRock provides customers with a complete turnkey solution, including labels, automation, installation, training, and support from service technicians around the country.


“We are very excited to introduce this series of labeling equipment after extensive trialing with select growers,” says Kristi Huffman, Senior Vice President Horticulture of MPS-WestRock. “The RockLine print-and-apply label applicators provide consistently placed labels on pots in a fast and efficient manner.”