New Tool Helps Greenhouse Growers Calculate Pest Management Costs

Bayer CalculatorThe Turf and Ornamental (T&O) business of Bayer, within the company’s Crop Science division, debuted its first cost-in-use calculators for both Altus and Marengo at Cultivate’19 in Columbus, OH, this week. The new tools are designed to help growers make more informed business decisions by calculating the overall cost of different pest management programs.

With these new tools available online, growers enter a product’s package size, price per package, rate per acre, and length of control, and the cost-in-use calculator displays that product’s monthly cost per acre, allowing growers to identify the most cost-effective solutions on the market.


“Understanding the different factors that contribute to your monthly cost per acre is the first step in understanding the true cost of a pesticide program beyond the product’s price tag,” says John Wendorf, Customer Marketing Manager for Ornamentals. “We developed these calculators to give growers the ability to finally compare the true cost of pesticide programs — apples to apples — and discover potential cost savings for their operations.”