Pacific Plug & Liner Earns VeriFlora Certification

Pacific Plug & Liner Earns VeriFlora Certification

Pacific Plug and Liner (PP&L) is now certified sustainably grown by VeriFlora. PP&L sought VeriFlora certification as confirmation of its steps to be accountable for the overall welfare of its employees, families, communities, the environment and its customers.

“We live and work in a wonderfully pristine part of California, and we felt we needed to go through this process as part of our overall effort to raise our level of social responsibility”, says Ryan Hall, new product development and marketing manager at PP&L. “It was our desire to take the steps necessary to mitigate any potential problems–and to do so before being told we had to.”


Hall says the pursuit of VeriFlora certification was a six-month process and that many of VeriFlora’s requirements were already incorporated in PP&L’s day-to-day operations.

“We went to work on our infrastructure, improved our chemical storage system and we have now installed a process that allows us to monitor our runoff,” Hall says. “Many of our current efforts, as well as our long-term goals, will help us lower our costs while conserving energy, therefore reducing our carbon footprint.”

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