The Perennial Farm Joins HGTV HOME Plant Collection

The Perennial Farm owner Rick Watson says it's not just the sales people who sell the plants - it's the whole team working together.The HGTV HOME Plant Collection announced a new partnership with The Perennial Farm of Glen Arm, Md., for 2015. The Perennial Farm will supply a range of perennials for the 2015 Essential Perennials Collection. HGTV, a leading home and lifestyle brand, works in conjunction with Agricola Management Group to develop its various Plant Collections.

“The Perennial Farm is an excellent example of the exceptional growers we select as strategic growing partners,” says Maria Zampini, Agricola Management’s director of plant development. “Perennial Farm consistently delivers high quality plants at value prices to markets in its extensive territory — from the Carolinas to Maine. It is recognized as a leading powerhouse perennial grower, and it joins our team of more than 30 growers in the U.S. and Canada for 2015.


“We also look forward to partnering with the Perennial Farm for another important reason — sustainability. In addition to the seasonal beauty offered by our Expressions Annuals, our customers increasingly want the sustainability of quality perennials that are landscape anchors offering hardiness, color and reliable performance, year after year. Agricola Management continues to seek high-quality growers to partner with us in our exciting growth opportunities.”

The Perennial Farm specializes in landscaped-sized perennials, ornamental grasses, hardy ferns, flowering shrubs, vines and ground covers. In business for 34 years, the grower has expanded its growing space to more than 50 acres with more than 60 greenhouses and 40 outside growing areas. For more information, visit

“We are pleased to be a new strategic grower partner for the HGTV HOME Plant Collection. Our customers tell us they want the highest quality plant material at a good price value, delivered when they need it most,” says Tom Watson, product manager with The Perennial Farm. “We also know our customers expect a high level of customer service and support, and they want a grower that they can rely on as a business partner to help them grow their business. We are committed to meeting those expectations and more with our partnership with the HGTV HOME Plant Collection.”

Through its expanding growers network and more than 900 retailers in the U.S. and Canada, the HGTV HOME Plant Collection continues to bring new plant varieties and collections to market including more than 50 new Essential Perennials selections, 13 new Expressions Annuals mixes and expanded Collections of Smart & Stylish Shrubs and Patio Veggies and Herbs for 2015.

For additional information on the various lines in the HGTV HOME Plant Collection, please visit or contact [email protected]

Source: HGTV HOME press release