A.M.A. Launches Biodegradable Planter Product

Al’s Flower Pouch II is a new earth-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic version from A.M.A. Plastics.

When the season is over, home gardeners empty then plant material and growing media into a compost pile and dispose of the pouch in that same compost pile. The Flower Pouch’s oxo-degradable poly film begins a structural breakdown once in landfill conditions and completely disintegrates.


Oxo-degradable plastics are available in product packaging including food grade bags, shopping bags, dry cleaning bags or garbage bags. These types of films are useful for products that don’t have an easily accessible recycling stream, like used poly film in small quantities.

For more information on Al’s Flower Pouch II, call 800-338-1136 or 519-322-1397 or email [email protected].