Fiber Pots: Past And Future

Fiber Pots: Past And Future

The dark fiber pots of Western Pulp Products are complementary to plants and have been around longer than you may think, says Western Pulp’s Jim Lee. After all, back in the days when plants were knife-cut out of flats they were then wrapped in newspaper.


“What’s new is old,” Lee says.

Since 1954, Western Pulp has offered pots made from newspaper and paper fiber. Lee says the industry is best served with a range of product price points, and that’s reflected in the size Western Pulp offers. Sometimes in a good, better, best model, the better and best sells are more popular. There’s a definite trend toward the 12-inch pot over the 10-inch pot, Lee says.

The history of the mixed container in the industry explains pricing trends that still stand today.

“It [mixed containers] started as an end of the season way to get rid of leftovers,” Lee says. So even if a container is larger than a hanging basket, the hanging basket may be priced higher. Planting in containers can also help gardeners combat the weather. Consumers can bring in containers during threat of frost or move them to a shady area during an intense heat wave. And with the call for instant gratification, combinations baskets can demand a higher price. And so can differentiation.

“Fiber is different,” Lee says. “Differentiate yourself.”