New Trays From Blackmore

New Trays From Blackmore

Blackmore recently introduced two new trays: the 102 Orphan and the Ellepot 72 Deep trays.


102 Orphan

Blackmore’s 102 Orphan tray keeps six cuttings attached to the mother tray in an orphan strip that is easily broken off at the time of shipment. There’s no more looking for orphans to replace cuttings that didn’t take in the mother tray. The 1 5/8-inch deep tray has fluted walls for extra strength and is ideal for propagation with 25-millimeter Ellepots.

Ellepot 72 Deep

The Ellepot 72 Deep tray (11 x 21 1/2 inches) is designed to accept 35-millimeter Ellepots. The 2 ½-inch deep tray features fluted cell walls for extra strength that also act as a conduit to get air to the bottom of the cell and extra large drain holes. Soil volume for loose fill is 70 cc. 

For more information on either product or additional products from Blackmore, visit or e-mail [email protected].