Product Showcase: Containers

Product Showcase: Containers

East Jordan Plastics
The SS 450, 450 Deep and 600 are three new square pots that are available, and each has a corresponding pot carrier. The SS 450 is a 1.62-pint pot while the 450 Deep and 600 measure 1 and 1.25 quarts, respectively. Trays for the 450, 450 Deep and 600 measure 8.5 x 21, 12.5 x 21 and 10 x 20 inches, respectively.
T.O. Plastics
SureRoots 50-cell, 5-inch-deep forestry tray is specifically designed and engineered to drive root growth downward. It promotes healthier and hardier roots on nursery seedlings, ornamentals and propagated perennials. The tray is made from 100 percent reclaimed plastic and it is recyclable after use.
Topiary Art Works
Each of Topiary’s sphagnum moss planters is built on a rigid galvanized frame. Sphagnum moss is hand applied to the outside and fastened with monofilament. Each planter has a true inside diameter and more soil volume. Sphagnum moss baskets are designed to absorb excess moisture from the inside and prevent drying out with a compressed outer surface. There are more than 50 sizes and styles in all.
The TEKU Premium Pot comes in all common sizes and shapes and with multi-hole, three-level drainage to provide faster irrigation and better aeration. The facet rim makes destacking easy and processing smooth.