Simple Ways to Save on Greenhouse Production Costs

Simple Ways to Save on Greenhouse Production Costs

Greenhouse-at-Pacific-Plug-and-Liner greenhouse production costsAs the 2018 growing season winds down, now is a great time for greenhouse operations to plan ahead for 2019. Specifically, it should give you a chance to look at your expenses, and develop strategies lowering your production costs.

In a recent article posted on Michigan State University (MSU)’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources website, experts at MSU outline some of the many steps growers can take, with a primary focus on energy conservation. For example, there are numerous strategies already being utilized by Michigan greenhouse businesses, including reducing air leaks, managing temperatures based on crop and finish date, and using horizontal air flow fans.


Authors of the article (Heidi Lindberg, Erik Runkle, and M. Charles Gould) note that to stay profitable, greenhouse growers must try to reduce the two largest expense categories, labor and energy.

“Technology, mechanization and automation are becoming more common in greenhouse production facilities to combat the labor shortage,” the authors say. “In addition, more greenhouse businesses are considering H-2A labor programs to ensure they have the workforce to plant, grow, and ship their products within the tight shipment windows often necessary for large retailers.”

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