11 Products For Precision Greenhouse Growing

These new options in equipment, automation, structures, lighting and software are designed to help growers run their operations with efficiency and accuracy and at a lower cost.

Cylinder Seeder Marigold Kit (Blackmore)


Blackmore has a new marigold attachment for its Cylinder Seeder that makes sowing marigolds fast and accurate. The kit consists of a special slotted seed tray and notched seed catch tray. Coated marigold seeds are picked up on their tips and sown with a high degree of accuracy. See a video of the new kit in operation on the Blackmore website. blackmoreco.com

CropKing High Tunnel (CropKing)

The CropKing High Tunnel is the ideal cold-frame to extend the growing season, or add heating/cooling options for a year-round greenhouse. Start your seeds, grow in the dirt or add one of CropKing’s hydroponic Dutch bucket or NFT growing systems. The gothic-style arches and high side walls create a workable greenhouse with no wasted space, and allows you to add production to your produce business with little cost. Other add-ons to this greenhouse include roll-up or -down side walls, steel end walls and roll-up or sliding end wall doors. cropking.com

TotalGrow Night & Day Management Light And Broad Grow Spectrum Fixture (Venntis)

The TotalGrow Night & Day Management Light is an efficient and effective solution for simulating long days to control the timing of flowering. Each convenient LED bulb covers approximately 100 square feet while cutting electricity costs by up to 90 percent, eliminating maintenance and improving plant quality.
Blanket plants with uniform light in the wavelengths they need most for quick and healthy growth. The TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum light fixture allows you to achieve unmatched plant quality, boost yields, save operating costs and simplify your growing operation. venntis.com

Blackout Systems (Growers Supply)

The new Growers Supply Blackout Systems maximize your business potential by providing the opportunity to control the light cycle, allowing you to decide when you harvest your crop. These fully automated systems provide efficient light deprivation that can lead to lowered labor costs. Designed specifically for the Growers Supply S500 Greenhouses, these Blackout Systems create optimal growing environments. growerssupply.com

NewLux COB 700 (Visser)

Through innovation, extensive research and testing, PARUS and NewLux have developed an effective system that uses both active and water-cooling technology. This system is showing remarkable results in the LED lighting market as it allows for a higher output and greater efficiency, while using less energy. viscon-na.com

SmartPAR Service (LumiGrow)

LumiGrow gives growers fine-tuned control over greenhouse lighting with the new SmartPAR service. It’s an easy upgrade for current LumiGrow LED light customers and a simple installation for new customers. Automate the creation and adjustment of customized light schedules to improve productivity, steer crop growth and reduce energy costs. lumigrow.com

PC-31 Transplanter (Visser)

The new PC-31 has impressive capacity and outstanding flexibility. The ultra high-speed servo system was specifically developed for Visser PC-31 machines. Expect reliability, quality and ease of use with the high-speed transplanting machine. It features six to 24 independent grippers capable of transplanting up to 35,000 plugs per hour. viscon-na.com

RackTrac RF With Geo (SBI Software)

RackTrac RF With Geo allows for automated unattended tracking of racks by destination as racks are loaded onto trucks. Easily see rack locations and quantities per ship-to on any device such as a phone or tablet, and within SBI Load and Route Building. It features automatic check-in when racks are unloaded at the dock. SBIteam.com

Tablet Production Counter (SBI Software)

Use any tablet, Android or Apple, to count on the production line. The simple counter kit installs and connects to tablets in one hour or less. The software is cloud-based and integrates with any software package, including SBI Software, Sage/MAS500, Picas, Starcom, AGS, Navision, Oracle, JD Edwards and Great Plains. SBIteam.com

PowerPAR Greenhouse LED Fixture (PARsource)

The powerPAR Greenhouse LED fixture delivers a higher PPFD per watt value to the plant canopy than any other LED greenhouse fixture available. Nearly every watt of energy is used for optimum plant growth and the highest yields. PARsource.com