7 Factors That Can Determine the Cost of Building a New Greenhouse

CS3 Greenhouse (Stuppy)Want to know the main factors that determine the cost of building a new greenhouse? Phil Bishop of Stuppy has put together an overview of the expenses involved in this type of project.

Check out his breakdown below:


Basic Installation

The labor cost to install a greenhouse is dependent on the equipment and the structure type, as well as the number of columns and covering options.
• Internal vs. External Shade Systems: Internal is more labor intensive and can be a significant driver of labor cost, while external is not labor intensive and can be an economical way to have shade.
• Benching: Benches can be labor intensive to build. Dependent on the project, it can be a significant driver of the labor cost.

Prevailing Wages

Depending on the location, type of project, and labor laws, prevailing wages can be in excess of $80 per hour per person. This can drive the cost of labor significantly.


The location of the project is a driver of cost. Lighting, electrical loads, and required equipment are drivers. Grow lights and the panels to power them can be very expensive.


Plumbing generally is cheaper than electrical. Local codes will determine what can be done without a licensed plumber. Scope of work and material of pipe is a driver. Potable vs. non-potable water is also a factor.

Site Prep

Site prep can be an expensive scope to add. The volume of dirt to be added/removed requires a lot of equipment, manpower, and experience. Depending on soil and site conditions, it can be a significant driver.


It is standard that utilities are brought to site by the owner. Moving utilities or tying into existing utilities requires coordination with those public utilities and contractors with experience and the insurance to perform the work. This can be a very significant cost.


Permits require local codes and procedures to be followed. This can be a driver of cost dependent on local codes and process to be followed.