AmericanHort’s Production Technology Conference To Debut In October

AmericanHort’s Production Technology Conference To Debut In October

Production Technology LogoThe AmericanHort Production Technology Conference, set to launch this October, will be the place for nursery and greenhouse growers to get hands-on with the latest advancements in production technology and explore the return on investment potential of equipment purchases and upgrades.

The three-day conference will be held October 9-11 in Dallas, TX. Kicking off the event will be the first-ever Technology in Action Tour, where attendees can visit and learn from premier businesses in the industry.


Educational sessions will be led by industry experts, academic researchers, and growers who have invested in the world of automation and technology. Key vendors will be exhibiting and sharing their expertise on what solutions are right for your business.

Educational sessions will focus on the latest innovations that have the greatest impact on the quality of products and your profit margin, including but not limited to:
Lighting — Lighting is critical to plant growth and quality, but new technology has advanced beyond what most greenhouses are currently using. Discover new solutions to old challenges, and give your plants the best light they need to thrive.
Irrigation/Water Management — New solutions have evolved to create efficiency, purity, and ingenious methods to squeeze every last drop of potential from your irrigation systems.
Environmental Controls and Software — Not only do environmental controls and software give you more data to make better decisions, but they also allow you the peace of mind that you’re working smarter, not harder.
Production Management — Analyze every step of the plant production process to discover ways of increasing efficiency, reducing labor cost, and leveraging your inputs for maximum quality.

Built on a similar foundation to that of AmericanHort’s Plug & Cutting Conference, the Production Technology Conference is designed to deliver information to growers of all types and create opportunities for in-depth conversations amongst attendees and vendors in the trade show.

“We’ve heard from members, exhibitors, and other industry stakeholders that they are curious about the return on investment of technology and the role automation can play in reducing and supplementing current labor,” says Ken Fisher, AmericanHort President and CEO. “This conference was designed to help growers feel confident about making decisions on upgrading and investing in their production operations.

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