Argos Software Custom-Builds Enterprise Software Systems For Growers’ Needs

Argos Software

If your standard, off-the-shelf accounting software program and Excel inventory sheets just aren’t cutting it anymore, maybe it’s time to look at a computer software program developed for commercial growers. Here are some software programs designed to handle the variables and intricacies that are unique to commercial growers’ businesses.


Argos Software

Argos Software offers a full line of enterprise software that is specific to the grower industry.

“There are issues with plants that don’t occur in other industries, so there is a need for software that is flexible enough in order to accomplish that,” says sales manager René Huurman.

“The first thing we do is a needs analysis of the grower. Identify the grower’s processes, how he goes about doing what he does. There is no greenhouse or nursery operation exactly the same. The software is flexible enough to adapt to the grower’s needs.”

Huurman says based on the grower’s needs and analysis, a custom system is built for each grower. He says often times growers are looking for greater flexibility, which can mean an increase in size and adding equipment.

“A grower may need additional hand-held devices or there may be additional desk top users. That is easy to do,” he says. “As the company grows, the Argos software program basically grows with it.”

Goodbye, Good Old Days

Huurman says the “good old days” of a grower not knowing his costs are rapidly coming to an end. Margins are being squeezed out of the marketplace.

“Growers have to have cost accounting,” he says. “It’s critical for growers to know their costs. The growers who know their costs and their processes and are always improving their processes, those are the people who are going to be around.”

Huurman says the software program calculates what a grower needs in order to accomplish a production plan.

“The software program can issue purchase orders automatically or with user intervention to get the products secured from vendors,” he says. “When product flows into the system, at that point it becomes part of a working process. All of the components, purchase orders, on-hand inventory, it knows what is available at all times.”

Huurman says at the store level merchandisers are able to track the plants and update the data base.

“The merchandisers can use mobile devices to track actual varieties that were dumped rather than just a SKU,” he says. “If a plant is dumped and you just have a SKU, you’re not getting the entire picture. You want to know what plants are getting dumped at the stores, what plants are selling and what plants are stocked.

“Not everybody wants that detailed information. But if I have a large SKU, I want to know which plants am I selling and which plants am I dumping. That can only improve how I am operating. The system offers traceability all the way from the origin of the product until it leaves the store.”

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