Connected Screening Helps You Control Your Climate

Connected Screening Helps You Control Your Climate

Hoogendoorn and Svensson Connected Screening Module

With the Connected Screening Module, the effect on ventilation, humidity transfer, energy savings, transmission of light, and outgoing long-wave radiation is calculated based on the screen characteristics and position of the screens.

Field research in The Netherlands shows that the highest crop yields are achieved under double-layer energy screens and completely closed screens (without gaps). However, in practice this is often hard to accomplish due to a mismatch of screen characteristics or inefficient use of climate control. This leads to an unstable greenhouse climate. The consequence: an increase in pests and diseases that negatively affects crop quality and yields.


To address this problem, Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Svensson have developed the new Connected Screening software. The software is a technology and knowledge crossover between Svensson, a market leader in climate screens, and Hoogendoorn, an innovator in horticultural automation.

The Connected Screening software calculates effects on ventilation, humidity transfer, energy savings, and transmission of light and outgoing long-wave radiation based on the Svensson screen characteristics and position. For example, humidity transfer — which is very important — takes place when the humidity goes through the closed screen. When the screen allows humidity transfer, you don’t need a moisture gap.

With this data in hand, growers can achieve more screening hours without risking high humidity levels below fully closed screens. This allows growers to achieve a homogeneous climate, higher crop yields, and up to 20% extra energy savings.

Coming Soon To The U.S.?

One important note on the Connected Screening software system: it’s a work in progress and is not yet available to U.S. growers. Svensson is hoping to make it available in the near future, although at this point there is no firm timetable. Keep up with the status of Connected Screening availability at or by emailing [email protected].