Dramm and KETOS Team to Give Growers Smart Water Solution

Water intelligence innovator KETOS Inc. and Dramm Corp. have announced a strategic partnership to empower growers across the U.S. and Canada with mission-critical water data to help enhance crop yield, quality, and taste.

According to the USDA, agriculture accounts for approximately 80% of U.S. ground and surface water consumption. However, many growers do not know what is in the water they are using at any given moment. Dramm will use the KETOS Shield solution to proactively test and monitor for potential contaminants and verify the quality and safety of the irrigation water supply for its customers.


The initial phase of the partnership between KETOS and Dramm will focus on horticulture, ornamentals, and greenhouse specialty crops. Dramm will test the KETOS Shield solution at various North American greenhouses. During these trials, Dramm will work with various facilities with vegetable, ornamental, and medicinal crops to identify the specific needs of these customers and showcase the impact that real-time water quality data can have on their crops.

“Water is at the root of our agricultural ecosystem, and our growers are eager to verify the quality of their water more regularly,” said Kurt Becker, Executive VP, Dramm Corp. “KETOS is the only one-stop-shop solution that we’ve found capable of monitoring several water quality parameters like boron, arsenic, nitrates and manganese all at once and at the sensitivity that our clients need. The solution is completely contained within a single system and doesn’t need our staff to get involved for maintenance.”