Dramm Offers Stainless Steel, Corrosion-Free Nozzle For The Autofog

dramm nozzleDramm is now offering a stainless steel nozzle that can be used for all versions of the Autofog chemical applicator.

The Autofog is useful for applying various greenhouse chemicals, but corrosive oxidizers damage the nozzle quickly, limiting the ability to use the Autofog for certain chemicals. Dramm’s new nozzle allows for products such as ZeroTol and other oxidizers to be applied through the Autofog without damage to the nozzle.


The new nozzle is available as an option on all sizes of the Autofog and is sold as a spare part for existing units in the field.

Learn more about the stainless steel Autofog nozzles on the Dramm website.