Hanna Introduces HI 5000 Mini Fertigator

Hanna Introduces HI 5000 Mini Fertigator

Hanna Instruments recently unveiled its latest product, the HI 5000 Mini Fertigator, which is an all-in-one, ready-to-use control system.

The Mini Fertigator is compact and versatile, bringing precision nutrient and acid control to professional growers. It’s easy to install and comes completely pre-assembled. To install the unit, growers simply attach two pipes and plug in the power cord. No wiring or assembly is required.


To inject nutrients, the Mini Fertigator uses a venturi, so there are no high-maintenance peristaltic pumps to worry about. Hanna’s included Blackstone pump can handle full-strength acid, so there is no need to risk an accident with dilution. Hanna’s flat-tipped probes are also highly resistant to fouling and clogging.

Additionally, an automated dosing feature allows growers to optimize growth without spending half the time measuring, mixing and dosing. The Mini Fertigator allows the grower to set precision dosing during vegetative stages, maximizing harvest and profit.

For more information on the Mini Fertigator, call 1-800-426-6287 or e-mail Dean Wiegers at [email protected] You can also visit Hanna Instruments on the Web at HannaInst.com.