Need Better Cooling Efficiency?

Need Better Cooling Efficiency?

Need Better Cooling Efficiency?

Quietaire’s evaporative cooling pads offer advantages for more efficient and economical evaporative cooling.


Cooling pads are made from a specially formulated cellulose impregnanted with a thermosetting resin. They have a cross-corrugated, angle-flute cellulose construction and are available in thicknesses of 4 or 6 inches. Pads are 12 inches wide and available in 12-inch increments from 24 to 72 inches.

One benefit of the cooling pads is they’re durable and long lasting. To get the most out of pads, Quietaire suggests a good preventative maintenance program:

–Maintain the pH of the recycled water between 6 and 9. When these limits are exceeded, there is degradation and potential fan failure.

–Deposits from salt water will occur at concentrations above 50,000 ppm. Keep salt water concentration in the make up water to less than 40,000 ppm and in recycle water at less than 50,000 ppm. Adjust the bleed-off rate to minimize salt build up.

–Algae will grow on pads that are wet and exposed to sunlight. Use well water or chlorinated city water to avoid algae growth. Do not use pond water. In addition, shade pads from direct sunlight and allows them to dry out daily by letting fans run about 30 minutes after the system is shut down.

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