New Production Management Software

New Production Management Software

SBI Nursery Software in Portland, Ore., has introduced a new module that provides complete production management.

Users begin by laying out a production plan by copying plans from previous years and comparing them to sales history, lost sales and inventory dumps. The user lays out how much of an item they want saleable on a specific finish date and then plans how to grow it by setting up the recipe. The system then automates purchasing of materials for produciton, which inclludes plant material and other inputs. The final functionality lets the user manage production with work orders being sent out to propagate, transplant and execute critical tasks.


The greatest challenge whle developing this package has been to keep the user interface simple and efficient, says SBI partner Aaron Allison, who has worked in the green industry for 15 years. SBI has worked with several key customers during development, allowing the user interface to be designed by the people who put it to work everyday.

“This has been one of the hardest software projects I have ever participated in,” Allison says. “We have done extensive work and gone through several rewrites to make the program very straightforward and easy to use. I know this package will be popular because it allows the complicated process of production to be managed through a user-friendly software module.”

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