Products To Help Increase Productivity

Products To Help Increase Productivity




The new M-TRACK RFID from Metazet/Formflex has an on-board PLC-Touch screen and RFID reader. The M-Track RFID is an internal transportation system, based on an automated induction-led RFID Tractor. It is designed to transport a train of carts.
With a minimum of hard wiring, it can be combined with packing/shipping systems to give customized routings within the greenhouse and for multiple stops.


Engineered by McConkey and designed to meet growers’ specifications, KONG carts are the ideal solution for any grower or retailer upgrading their cart fleet. McConkey’s engineers will design a cart based on individual formats, with the option of adding the grower’s logo to each removable part to help prevent theft.
KONG is th

e only truly customizable cart — customers have the option to pick and choose all features to their specifications. McConkey works with growers on format changes, maximizing truck space or replacing old carts.

S & S Incorporated

The Flower Forwarder, a non-returnable flower/plant shipper, allows growers to expand their delivery radius by eliminating the costly return trip to collect shipping carts. It holds more than 250 pounds per shelf, making it robust and durable for safe transport of horticultural products. Easy assembly and the ability to load from all four sides allows growers to cut staging times. All that is needed for assembly is an industrial stapler.
The Flower Forwarder is manufactured from a moisture-resistant, laminated material that is 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable. Because it is produced and manufactured in the United States, there is only a two-week turnaround time. The Flower Forwarder is customizable by shelf spacing, color and printing configuration.

Practical Software Solutions

When a big-box retailer expanded its UPC system, Young’s Plant Farm of Auburn, Ala., wanted a more efficient way to manage their orders. Scan by Cart, developed by Young’s and Practical Software Solutions, uses barcode technology to rebuild sales orders in the Grower Vertical module for Sage 500 ERP software. It generates shipping documents and labels as the product is loaded onto a truck. General Manager Bryan Young said this has reduced their customer receipt errors to less than 1 percent. Young’s won the Sage Customer Award for Innovation in 2011 for Scan by Cart, which is now available to all Grower Vertical customers.

Interstate Logistics

InMotion Global TMS is a complete Transportation Management System (TMS) that handles every aspect of shipping and distribution. It features patent-pending technology that manages complex, multi-pickup and multi-delivery loads, and provides load optimization, point-to-point routing, load tendering, dispatching, reporting and internet load tracking.

InMotion Global TMS contains many unique time-saving features, such as drag-and-drop functionality, real-time carrier verification, optimized mileage calculations, load-detail texting to drivers, instant messaging between users without having to leave the system and complete logs for every user interaction with a load (including faxes, eMails, telephone calls and data changes made), which provides a complete audit trail.

InMotion Global TMS also provides customers with patent-pending technology that shows the empty trucks from other InMotion Global TMS users’ loads that are emptying near your pickup location. This dramatically reduces the cost of securing needed (and nearby) pre-qualified truck capacity.

EZ Shipper

EZ Shipper offers solutions that address a variety of challenges. The One Way/One Use mid-size rental rack reduces shelf quantities, which increases product turns and reduces product loss. It has a 40 inch x 24 inch x 84 inch footprint. This is a one-way rental rack that can be shipped to any authorized retailer in the EZ Shipper network.

The Impulse Display is a vertical display that meets the retailer standards for shopability while maximizing product-holding power. The product is shipped in and transferred onto the display, reducing the need to leave delivery racks. It has a 40 inch x 24 inch x 42 inch footprint.

The Carry Tray Display reduces rack costs by eliminating wood shelves. It has an adjustable footprint and is designed to accommodate the size of carrying trays and height standards for the retailer. Simply load current carrying trays onto the rack — no more wood shelving.