Saving On Labor

Saving On Labor

Saving On Labor

1. Speedy Potting



The IM1800 potting machine can fill containers up to 19 1/2 inches, using the single or double interchangeable soil chutes. The standard vibrator below the potting bench helps ensure the desired compaction level. Mobility is provided with pneumatic tires, castor wheels and forklift guides. The IM1800 is capable of filling up to several hundred pots per hour.

2. Clean Technology

Amiad Filtration Systems:

The Electric Fertilizer Injector (EFI) can be linked to a main irrigation computer to deliver preset rates controlled by an in-line water meter to adjust injection rates based on actual flows in the irrigation system. The EFI computer features a built-in data logger that keeps precise fertilizer application records, and that can sound alarms when necessary.

3. Controlling Your Surroundings

Argus Control Systems:

The new Titan control system is a comprehensive computer control system for managing growing environments, irrigation systems and nutrient delivery. Featuring real-time equipment control, data recording, monitoring and alarms, the system is equally suited to commercial crops and research applications.


Trimming Trays

Bouldin & Lawson:

The PRO LINE trimming system automates uniformed trimming of trays, flats and pots. A variable-speed conveyor carries materials through specialty trimming blades. The blades offer various speeds and can be adjusted from 18 inches high down to any desired height. A custom vacuum system is used to gather and store loose clippings in a 10-cubic foot storage container.


4. Irrigation Advancement

Delta T Solutions:

The ABC100 is an advanced, user-friendly irrigation controller for automatic or manual operation of both boom and basket watering systems. The ABC100 features simple touch screens, multi-level basket control, 64-grid crop watering capability, option of automatic or manual operation and built-in troubleshooting.



5. Water-Powered Technology


The Dosatron 14 GPM fertilizer injector provides a higher flow rate, a simplified motor piston that consists of only 17 parts, chemical-resistant housing and an easy-to-read ratio selector. No tools are required to maintain the Dosatron 14 GPM.



6. Getting Grower Input


The KASE 5400 series of sticking stations were designed with the help of professional growers and perfected in actual field conditions. The 5400 comes in two different models–a 6-station and 12-station–and they help save on labor.



7. Portable Data Logging

Onset Computer Corporation:

The HOBO U30/Wi-Fi remote monitoring system is Web-based and provides real-time, remote access to energy and environmental data over any Wi-Fi network. The HOBO U30/Wi-Fi also provides a simple and cost-effective means of verifying the effectiveness of green roofs, solar power systems, wind turbines and other types of renewable energy systems.




8. Finding Perfect Conditions


The ClimateOptimizer evolved from the concept of the semi-closed greenhouse, and it’s applicable in existing and new greenhouses. Its basic function is to combine greenhouse air with outside air in an intelligent way, letting mixed air pass through cooling/heating coils and then discharging the conditioned air back to the greenhouse through the air tube.




9. For All Crews

Rapid Automated Systems:

The Rapid sticking line is built from aluminum and stainless steel, and it can be designed for crews of 8, 12, 16 and 24. Empty trays are staged to the top conveyor, where mechanical gates stop trays at each work station. When a tray is removed, more trays are released onto the top conveyor, providing a constant supply of product for crews.



10. Tagging Made Simple

Visser NA:

The single-head tagger operates at high speeds and is accurate and competitively priced. Minimal adjustment times with quick change tag magazines and user-friendly controls. The tagger accepts both small and large tags, and you simply mount to any conveyor belt in the production line to tag pots.