GGS Helps North Creek Nurseries Take Efficiency To A New Level

GGS Helps North Creek Nurseries Take Efficiency To A New Level

NorthCreekGreenhouse (2)Structure supplier GGS Structures, Inc. worked hard over the past year to design greenhouses that addressed grower needs. One of the company’s favorite projects from last year was a structure it created for North Creek Nurseries.

Working with GGS sales representative Greg Ackland, North Creek built a new GGS gutter connected poly greenhouse range with the intent of saving energy and implementing Lean Flow Practices.


The structure consists of 10 bays,  24 feet wide x 228 feet long, with an automated shade system and environmental control computer. Because of the efficiency of the new greenhouse, the project only added 0.3 acres to the operation. The new greenhouse range was built to not only improve efficiency, but to improve the quality of North Creek’s products and meet increased customer demand, while at the same time saving money on labor.

According to GGS, North Creek, a propagator of perennial liners, wanted an affordable greenhouse that would take it to a new level of efficiency. North Creek removed many freestanding greenhouses and added the gutter connect in their place to save energy and implement more efficient work practices. The project added only 0.3 acres because the new greenhouses replaced existing production with a more modern and efficient structure. North Creek Nurseries’ current operation is 5.7 acres.

North Creek has hired a new sales manager, opening new doors for future sales. It also added an additional building that will serve as offices and a lunch room for the staff to create a better work environment. The feeling is that, if workers are happy, the operation will see an increase in production.

“There are many stumbling blocks with any new venture, but with a happy staff the blocks aren’t hard to overcome,” says Tim McGinty, general manager for North Creek. “The GGS greenhouse provides an excellent working environment as well as the ideal growing climate.”