Greenhouse Artificial Intelligence Company Continues to Grow

iUNU LUNAiUNU, the computer vision company that helps growers apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in the greenhouse, has raised $7.5 million from BootstrapLabs and NCT Ventures, among others. iUNU has grown significantly in the last year, with a more than 800% increase in square footage since the first quarter of 2018, with operations now in Canada and the U.S.

“With the greenhouse industry growing at a rate of 20% year over year, owners are scrambling to find solutions to manage and maintain their growing operations effectively,” says iUNU CEO Adam Greenberg. “iUNU’s solution turns growing operations into data-driven manufacturing facilities.”


Typically, greenhouse facilities rely on manual data collection, leading to inconsistencies, inaccurate data, human error, and inefficient facility management. With LUNA, pioneered by iUNU’s team of engineers, the industry now has a quantifiable and data-driven process that takes the guesswork out of growing.

“Agriculture is about to experience another industrial revolution, where artificial intelligence will drive game-changing efficiencies and sustainability improvements across the entire industry supply chain,” says Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO and Founder of BootstrapLabs.

LUNA delivers a system of mobile and fixed cameras, with high-definition imaging and environmental sensors that measure and record everything from automated inventory tracking and readiness alerts to growth rates and readiness forecasting. The collected data is analyzed and presented in a simple, easy-to-use decision support tool that gives growers actionable insights and granular production management capabilities.

Since its launch, LUNA has been successful at delivering actionable data to leaders in the horticulture and produce industries like Proving Grounds.

“I know that having a tool like Luna gives us the feasibility to have more accountability with the staff, the plants, and the environment,” says John Allen, Director of Strategic Operations of Proving Grounds.

The executive team brings decades of significant experience from Amazon, Boeing, Intel, and E*Trade. The team combines entrepreneurship, innovation, large-scale software, manufacturing, financing, and commercial greenhouse expertise. The Board of Directors includes senior industry leaders in agriculture, technology, and large-scale enterprises.