GreenTech Summit Will Take Deep Dive Into Autonomous Technology

GreenTech-SummitOne of the highlights of GreenTech 2019, aside from the massive trade show, will be the GreenTech Summit, which takes place June 12 and offers decision-making investors, growers, breeders, and suppliers an insider view of automation technology in horticulture, including the shipping side of the industry.

Developments in autonomous technology create opportunities to reduce labor dependency in horticulture and increase flexibility in the industry. Skillful horticulture workers are highly needed, but scarce. Horticulture is dependent on location, infrastructure, specialist skills, a green thumb, and the availability of labor.


The GreenTech Summit is designed to be an inspirational meeting for leaders of industry. Three keynote speakers will share their views on and experience with autonomous technology.
• The Summit will kick off with an opening presentation by Mariska Dreschler, Director Horticulture GreenTech at RAI Amsterdam.
• The first speaker is Dr. Silke Hemming, head of the greenhouse technology scientific research team at Wageningen University & Research. Hemming will provide an update on the latest developments in autonomous greenhouses in her presentation “Autonomous Greenhouses – Horticulture Beyond the Green Thumb.”
• Tracy Metz will then lead an interactive panel discussion on “Autonomous Technology – Experiences and Expectations,” which will address the current state of affairs, experiences, and expectations in autonomous technology with young professionals and entrepreneurs in horticulture and technology.
• Ir. Klaas Visser, Assistant Professor of Marine Engineering at Delft University of Technology, will discuss “Changing the Ship Building and Design Industry With Autonomous Technology.”
• The Summit will conclude with a keynote presentation by Jitske Kramer on ‘Building Tribes With Power and Love: How Will We, the People, Change Our Work and Behavior in an Increasingly Technological Environment?”

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