Horticultural Lighting Conference To Take Place In Chicago In October

Horticultural Lighting Conference To Take Place In Chicago In October

Top 100 2016 Lighting Feature ImageThe first Horticultural Lighting Conference, organized by LEDs Magazine (owned by PennWell Corporation and part of the PennWell LED & Lighting Network), will be held October 12, 2016 at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago, IL.

Connecting research and technology to end user applications, this one-day conference is designed to provide cutting-edge information on the latest technologies and techniques impacting the advancement of the horticultural lighting market. Addressing key business challenges and how to harness the potential of the market, the conference will attract a range of high-level attendees involved in commercial growing, greenhouses, floriculture, vertical farming, city/urban farming, and more.


“Horticultural lighting is revolutionizing the future of farming with technologies and innovations enabling year-round sustainable fruit, vegetable and flower production,” says Christine Shaw, Senior Vice President, PennWell LED & Lighting Network. “This conference will provide an exciting new platform designed to connect the companies manufacturing horticultural LED products with the end users on the forefront of the industry. With the market growing at such a rapid pace, a conference of this kind is essential in connecting buyers and sellers as well as sharing information, case studies, and best practices.”

The inaugural Horticultural Lighting Conference will focus on the latest science enabling year-round crop production and solutions to business model challenges and market entry, plus feature networking opportunities with thought leaders and practitioners and access to the latest products and technologies impacting LED horticultural applications.

Dr. Cary Mitchell, Professor of Plant Physiology at Purdue University and Director of NASA’s Specialized Center of Research and Training in Advanced Life Support, will open the conference as the keynote speaker, addressing technical topics related to the science of horticultural lighting. Dr. Mitchell has chaired Purdue’s Plant Physiology Program for six years, and is involved in the research of controlled-environment agriculture, space advanced life-support systems, controlled ecological life-support systems, mechanical stress physiology of plants, and more. Also featured will be PennWell’s first Horticultural Lighting Report, presented by Stephanie Pruitt, Senior Analyst for Strategies Unlimited.