International Forum Of Agricultural Robotics Will Highlight New Innovations

International Forum Of Agricultural Robotics Will Highlight New Innovations

ag-robotics-forumTwo France-based companies — Naio Technologies, a developer of agriculture robots, and Robotics Place, an association of robotics companies — have organized the first International Forum of Agricultural Robotics. The event will take place Nov. 18-19, 2016, in Toulouse, France, and is designed to bring together ag robotics stakeholders to discuss, debate, and exchange ideas on the future of agriculture.

While Naio Technologies is primarily focused on vineyard and wine robotics, the concepts to be discussed at the event will have applications across all of agriculture, with the end goal of creating a community that wants to change the world through innovation.


According to organizers, the mission of the event is to:
• Discover agricultural innovations: This will be addressed in a keynote presentation highlighting Naio’s family of robots, followed by short discussions.
• Invent the future of agriculture: A series of workshops will allow attendees to work together on concrete issues and to exchange views on the future of agriculture.
• Share ambitions and knowledge: The keynote and discussions will be broadcast live on YouTube, so those who cannot attend can follow the conference at home.

Check out the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics website for more information and to register.