More Than 40% Of Growers Will Add Or Retrofit Structures In 2016

More Than 40% Of Growers Will Add Or Retrofit Structures In 2016

The full results and analysis of Greenhouse Grower’s 2016 State of the Industry will not be available until the end of January. However, a quick look at some of the survey responses could indicate what growers are thinking when it comes to adding or retrofitting structures in the coming year.

One of the questions posed in the survey was, “Do you plan to add or retrofit a greenhouse structure in 2016?” A total of 208 growers answered the question, with 42.3% saying yes, 36.5% saying no because they don’t have a need to do so, and 21.2% saying no because they couldn’t afford it even though there was a need.


2016 State Of The Industry Structures QuestionThese responses were nearly identical to 2015, when 42.5% of respondents said yes, 36.7% said no because there wasn’t a need, and 20.8% said no because they couldn’t afford it.

What were the reasons for adding or retrofitting? The most commonly cited reasons focused on the need for increased production space, as well as improving labor efficiency.

Here’s what some of you had to say about why you might be adding or retrofitting structures, and some of the projects you’re working on:
“We are retrofitting our plastic hoophouse.”
“Need to diversify to grow vegetables.”
“We want to modernize not only the operational system but also our production processes and infrastructure to maintain the competitiveness we have in our country.”
“Improve the infrastructure of the greenhouses and other equipment.”
“Planning a 90 x 112 production house for leafy greens.”
“Labor saving improvements.”
“We are replacing wood-topped tables with metal cattle-grade fencing for tops to allow more air circulation for more healthy plants.”
“We want to grow in-house more of the product we are contract growing at this time.”
“Ventilation improvements and minimal heat for cold frame production are currently being considered.”
“We are looking to add some space for outdoor production for organic cut flowers (for sale to markets) and organic produce (for staff). We may also add a second cooler for plant forcing and holding of shoots/microgreens/cut herbs and cut flowers.”
“We are adding additional square footage to handle our vegetable plug business.”
“At this point, we have square footage available to us. Our immediate need is to have an enclosed warehouse to store hard goods and make sure they stay out of the elements.”