New Food Safety Compliance Resource Available For Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

New Food Safety Compliance Resource Available For Greenhouse Vegetable Growers

To offer consumers an attractive crop, Local Appetite uses high tunnels to grow cherry tomatoesGrowers of greenhouse vegetables have a new resource to help them understand any new food safety compliance rules they may need to implement into their operations.

The FDA regulatory compliance firm Registrar Corp recently launched the FSMA Compliance Wizard, a free tool to help food facilities, importers, and farms determine their possible requirements under FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Enacted in 2011, FSMA is the most sweeping reform of the U.S. food safety system in more than 70 years. FSMA imposes broad new requirements on manufacturers, importers, processors, packers, and distributors of food, including requirements for supplier monitoring, the implementation of food safety plans, and much more.


New requirements under FSMA involve many nuances depending on the size of a business, its functions, the types of food it handles, and even its location. Most FSMA rules offer modified requirements and a longer compliance period for small and very small businesses (terms defined differently in each rule).

Registrar Corp urges each registered food facility to consider its exemption and modified exemption status carefully, as it may be more prudent to comply than seek a possible exemption. Registrar Corp’s FSMA Wizard is a tool for any facility to begin the FSMA compliance process.

To use Registrar Corp’s FSMA Compliance Wizard, answer a series of questions regarding your facility, and the FSMA Wizard identifies specific requirements that may apply. Possible requirements may be identified under the following FSMA rules:
• FDA Preventive Controls for Human Food
• FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
• FDA Produce Safety

Registrar Corp plans to add FDA’s Intentional Adulteration rule when the 2019 compliance date draws nearer. Registrar Corp regulatory advisors are available to answer any questions users may have throughout the process.