New Light Deprivation Greenhouses Help With Light Management

GrowSpan Light Deprivation GreenhouseGrowers Supply recently introduced a new line of GrowSpan light deprivation greenhouses for cannabis producers. Each light deprivation greenhouse is outfitted with a blackout system that provides growers with control over the light cycle. The structures are designed to cut costs and promote healthy crops.

According to Growers Supply, GrowSpan light deprivation greenhouses give growers the control of a grow room, but still allow them to benefit from the energy efficiency of a greenhouse. The blackout system in these greenhouses requires almost no labor, and with just a flip of a switch, entire greenhouses can be cast into total darkness within a matter of moments.


GrowSpan offers light deprivation options in their Series 500, Series 1000, and Series 2000 commercial greenhouses. The greenhouses can be outfitted with a number of breathable wall and light trap options, so growers can continue to ventilate their greenhouses during blackout periods. For growers with existing Series 500, Series 1000, or Series 2000 greenhouses, GrowSpan can outfit them with a blackout system and all the necessary blackout accessories.