New Lighting Guide for Vine Crop Growers Now Available

New Lighting Guide for Vine Crop Growers Now Available

LumiGrow Vine Crops GuideGreenhouse growers who produce vine crops have a new resource to address their lighting needs and concerns.

The horticultural lighting company LumiGrow has released an “LED Growers’ Guide for Vine Crops.” The guide is intended to instruct vine crop growers how to use LED lighting strategies to maximize profits, boost yields, increase crop quality, and elicit desired plant characteristics.


Those that download the guide will learn:
• Lighting requirements for tomato, cucumber, and pepper crops
• How light intensity, quality, and photoperiod can be used to direct vine crop growth
• How to use light to control crop characteristics across growth stages
• What leading researchers are learning about light’s interaction with vine crops

The guide is available for downloading here.

LumiGrow Expands Local Lighting Service in Ontario

Aside from the vine crops guide, LumiGrow also recently announced a new partnership with CF Industrial, a lighting and power solutions provider in Leamington, Ontario, Canada. The partnership improves LumiGrow’s commitment to Ontario greenhouse growers, providing more responsive local support for those implementing horticultural lighting for precision greenhouse management. The CF Industrial team is another addition to LumiGrow’s Ontario-based services, as the company has already deployed plant science research support across the region.

“We are happy to welcome CF Industrial as a LumiGrow Canada partner,” says Jay Albere, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LumiGrow. “This partnership will ensure that our superior level of technical support can be deployed immediately upon short notice. Our local lighting specialists will be able to personally visit and consult with commercial growers in Ontario, assisting with lighting implementation, as well as environmental and horticultural considerations.”

The LumiGrow Plant Research Group will continue to work with growers in the Ontario region to develop crop-specific adjustable lighting strategies tailored for specific growth goals and financial objectives.

“Our research team is already working with Canadian growers to develop custom lighting strategies for cucumber, tomato, pepper, leafy green, and strawberry cultivation,” Albere says. “We’re expanding our local support to offer a full breadth of sales, infrastructure, and research service so that greenhouse business owners, facility managers, and growers alike have access to LumiGrow lighting resources when their operations most depend on it.”