Philips Lighting Debuts New Custom Lighting Program at IPM Essen

Philips Lighting Debuts New Custom Lighting Program at IPM Essen

Philips Lighting GrowWise Control SystemDuring last week’s IPM Essen show in Germany, Philips Lighting introduced its new GrowWise Control System, which allows growers and researchers to easily create and run custom LED light recipes to meet the needs of specific crops to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency. The control system has been developed to work with the GreenPower LED production module “Dynamic.” It can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a climate or logistic computer system.

“This is our first step towards digitization of Horti LED lighting systems,” says Udo van Slooten, Horticulture Business Leader Horticulture at Philips Lighting. “The GrowWise Control System is the hardware platform that will allow us to build digital lighting control in the future. This will replace our current analog research systems.”


More Control Over Every Plant

A Philips Lighting light recipe provides the settings for the light spectrum, intensity, illumination moment, uniformity, and positioning. The GrowWise Control System allows growers to create their own time-based recipes. Using a recipe, a grower can steer specific plant characteristics, from compactness, color intensity, and branch development to flowering and more to improve results. With the GrowWise Control System, growers can give all the plants in their facility exactly what they need when they need it with one LED system to enhance cultivation.

The GrowWise Control System controls four LED color spectra: Deep Red, Blue, White, and Far Red, as well as the light duration and intensity. The system is easily updatable and has a maintainable digital system, making it future proof.

The GrowWise Control System will be initially launched in Western Europe to work with the production module dynamic.