Priva’s Tomato Deleafing Robot Nabs Innovation Award At GreenTech

Priva’s Tomato Deleafing Robot Nabs Innovation Award At GreenTech

Priva Innovation Award At GreenTechGreenTech, one of the leading international trade shows for horticulture technology, kicked off on June 14 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with the announcement of the winner of the Innovation Award. The overall winner — out of a total of 73 entries — of the 2016 Innovation Award is the Deleafing Robot by Priva from the Netherlands. Aalt Dijkhuizen, chairman of the judging jury, presented the award this morning during the official opening of GreenTech 2016.

According to the jury, Priva’s Deleafing Robot provides an innovative solution to a serious issue facing tomato growers. Priva’s robot takes the arduous chore of deleafing off their hands, carries it out entirely independently, is economically appealing, and is very accurate as it works leaf by leaf and therefore transfers almost no viruses from one plant to another. Priva developed the Deleafing Robot in cooperation with a large number of growers, which indicates ample field testing.


The jury views Priva’s innovation as the start of a large series of robots, which will be developed for and utilized in horticulture over the coming years. Priva’s Deleafing Robot “heralds the start of a new era for international horticulture,” according to the jury’s comments.

An international jury awarded two nominations with a category award. ISO Plantsampler by ISO group won in the production category, and HortiMaX-Go! by Ridder Hortimax Group won in the automation solutions category.
• During the germination process, it is crucial to ascertain a new plant species’ DNA profile. The ISO Plantsampler can independently take samples from leaves and collects the DNA material on a microplate. In the jury’s opinion, the ISO Plantsampler offers a great, automated technique that provides 100% accuracy, enabling work to be carried out rapidly and precisely.
• According to the jury, the HortiMaX-Go! is a modern, user-friendly, affordable climate control and greenhouse irrigation technology. The modular system uses smart switches that can be installed in a plug-and-play manner. The technology fulfills the growers’ needs in a very user-friendly way. This innovation was intended to be entry level, even in terms of cost, so that everyone is capable of using and operating the technology.

All nominated products will be showcased throughout GreenTech in the InnovationLAB. Designed to enable exhibitors and visitors to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of innovation, it is an environment where pioneering products and revolutionary ideas are presented.