“Seed Meets Technology” Event In The Netherlands Slated For Late September

“Seed Meets Technology” Event In The Netherlands Slated For Late September

Seed Meets Technology EventThe third edition of “Seed Meets Technology,” which takes place Sept. 27-30 in The Netherlands, is shaping up to be even bigger than in previous years. This year, the list of exhibitors has grown to nearly 40, and the show area has also been expanded.

Here’s a brief look at what you can expect if you plan to attend.


Vegetable Trials

Participating seed companies in this year’s vegetable trials include Takii Europe B.V, ABZ Seeds, Bakker Brothers, Prudac, Ergon International, and Sakata Vegetables Europe. There will also be several guided tours each day for growers, during which Takii, Bakker Brothers, and Sakata will talk about their outdoor trial fields. ABZ Seeds will have strawberry racks on display, and Botman Hydroponics will be exhibiting their hydroponic growing system. Inside the exhibition hall, Visser Horti Systems’ fully automatic hydroponics system will be on display. Dry Hydroponics will show its breeding concept with cultivation ponds with lettuce on it, together with their seed float.


As in the past, this year’s event will feature plenty of companies exhibiting the very latest technology. LEBA and TeaL will be jointly demonstrating the film coater 500 with TeaL coatings and explaining how it works. Seed Processing Holland will be exhibiting the Optigrow Vitaliser used for seed priming. Optomachines (FR) will be demonstrating their seed counter and the OPTO AGRI automatic TSW measuring station, and SeQso B.V. will be presenting a compact sorting machine for sorting seed lots using chlorophyll signal analysis (ripeness).

Every day there will be demonstrations showing exactly how the various machines operate. To give the visitor a true sense of involvement, the organizers have asked all exhibitors to demonstrate new products or services which really have something to show.

Educational Program

The 2016 edition of the show will once again feature a range of classes throughout the week. Each symposium will highlight the latest developments in a particular field. Incotec will kick off on Tuesday with a symposium about micro-organisms and additives in seed enhancement.

There will be two symposia on Wednesday: Seed Processing Holland will be discussing seed vitalization in the morning, and hydroponics will be on the agenda in the afternoon. On Thursday, the topic will be closed cultivation under LED in relation to breeding, and the series will be rounded off on Friday with a symposium on developments in phenotyping.

The symposia will be held in both Dutch and English. No advance booking is required for the variety tours.