Structures That Can Stand Up to Storms

Greenhouse growers are increasingly looking for structures that can withstand harsh weather conditions, from heavy winds to heavy snow. Greenhouse Grower recently asked manufacturers about the greenhouse models they have that fit into this need. Check out the slideshow above and the information below to learn more about what they had to say.


“We have two model series, our S1000 and S2000, that can be engineered to withstand nearly any building code and conditions in North America,” says Will Kacheris, a Greenhouse Specialist with GrowSpan, which specializes in greenhouses and growing solutions. “We have these structures in areas ranging from hurricane wind zones up to high elevation, snow-covered mountain tops. These structures are proven through years of grower experience, but we improve the design and integral components such as shade and ventilation plans every year to improve the consumer experience and increase profitability.”



“Practically all of the Stuppy structures will meet or exceed harsh weather condition standards, as we design each project based on the wind/snow load requirements of the project location,” says Mike Kovalycsik, Stuppy’s Regional Sales and Marketing Manager. “Stuppy can provide stamped engineered drawings for permits for most projects.”

The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina

“Our Appalachian, quonsets, and gutter-connect houses have historically withstood the test of time through many hurricanes and snow storms,” says Leigh Dodd of The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina. “We have the ability to customize our frames to fit the grower’s design requirements.”

Nexus/Rough Bros.

”Most of the structures we manufacture are designed to meet the local wind and snow load requirements for that area,” says Greg Ellis, Director of Commercial Sales at Nexus/Rough Bros. “Engineering a structure for heavier wind and snow load isn’t necessarily a different structure, but rather one that utilizes bigger or stronger materials in the steel components involved (i.e., columns, trusses, roof purlins etc.).”

Alquimi Renewables

Alquimi Renewables and its technology group Island AgTech, together with its strategic engineering partner Sprung Structures Ltd, based in Calgary, Alberta, have finalized development of the first fully certified Category 5 hurricane resistant greenhouse and blackhouse applications.

The greenhouse structures have been specifically engineered to secure investment in the first commercial scale protected agriculture production in regions constantly threatened by climate change and cyclonic weather events including hurricanes and typhoons. The company is focused on islands in the Caribbean and Pacific as well as affected U.S. regions. The customized growhouse systems will support all forms of hydroponic classifications, as well as soil-based farming and medical cannabis production.

Sprung has been in operation for more than 100 years, and has built more than 12,000 structures in more than 90 countries using its proprietary stressed-membrane engineering. Many of those buildings were built to Cat5 standards and proved indestructible through actual hurricane and typhoon events.

“In 2017 we introduced a Category 4 rated greenhouse system, but after the hurricane events in the Caribbean in late 2017 our investors and insurance underwriters made it clear that any greenhouse infrastructure needed to meet Category 5 building codes and we’re very excited to have accomplished that.” stated Ralph Birkhoff, one of the founding partners of Alquimi.