Ecke Expanding In Guatemala

Ecke Expanding In Guatemala

Ecke Ranch initiated a major expansion to its farms in Guatemala in December. Due to the success and expansion of products and the closer relationships with customers, Ecke Ranch is in need of additional offshore capacity and is building a new farm to support this demand.

“Farm 3 adds new capacity to satisfy demand in several key crop areas.” says Steve Rinehart, chief operating officer.

The initial phase will cover approximately 250,000 square feet. The new farm is adjacent to Farm 1 and allows for excellent efficiencies of scale and management functions.


“We will have site growers on the new farm, but the overall management can be done from Farm 1, which capitalizes on the long and successful history of producing high quality products,” Rinehart says.

Adds Andy Higgins, Ecke Ranch president: “Ecke believes further industry concentration necessitates the need for larger, fully-integrated offshore facilities capable of servicing the needs of large growers. Smaller, non-integrated offshore producers may have a tough time competing in the future as the bar is constantly being raised by the supply chain,”

Ecke Guatemala is in its 14th year of operation.