Fire At Florida Orchid Grower

Fire At Florida Orchid Grower

A fire swept through Sun Bulb Company, an orchid grower in Arcadia, Fla., on Sunday. A passerby alerted fire authorities before catastrophic damage was done to a production area and adjacent growing areas at the 55-year-old company’s main facility.

Authorities indicate the cause of the fire was an electric malfunction in an industrial compressor used in the production area. No injuries were reported. Sun Bulb did sustain significant losses to plants and pottery, but the company continues to do business despite the incident.


“Not a single scheduled shipment was missed on Monday, Feb. 14,” says Vice President Rod Hollingsworth. “All orders shipped as usual, and we do not expect this to negatively impact our production moving forward.”

Sun Bulb’s other growing facilities in northern Desoto County and Apopka, Fla., have played instrumental roles in providing immediate backup supplies of orchids, ferns and other tropicals.

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