GGS Structures Expands And Hires, Reflecting Increasing Structures Needs

GGS Structures Expands And Hires, Reflecting Increasing Structures Needs

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GGS Structures Inc. is in the process of expanding its office headquarters and hiring additional key personnel as a result of increased North American and international business.


A few weeks ago, GGS began a major renovation, which included adding office space to their headquarters in Vineland Station, Ont.

“We have expanded our drafting and design department in order to satisfy the growing need for specialty institutional greenhouses as well as commercial growers looking for turnkey greenhouse project management solutions” says Leigh Coulter, president of GGS. “We have also hired an experienced business development manager to focus on emerging opportunities.”

The expansion is expected to be completed by April, with the additional team members moving into the new space shortly thereafter.

“With the ability to plan, design and execute full turnkey commercial greenhouse projects, and the increased interest in these projects worldwide, we are confident that this expansion will result in further company growth,” Coulter says.

“We are always slow to add office space at GGS, believing that investments in factory production and customer service are where money is better spent; but after offices overflowed into construction trailers, and overtook our boardroom, we had nowhere left to expand to meet current demands.”

With the overall greenhouse market in North America still suffering from a recession, where is the business coming from to fuel the continued expansion at GGS? “It has definitely been a tougher year for our customers in general,” says Michael Camplin, Sales Manager at GGS. “But when a grower needs to expand his greenhouse, or retrofit to get more production out of his existing facility, we are definitely finding more growers are coming to us because of the high quality of our greenhouses, and also due to the wealth of industry knowledge we share through our eMail newsletters, blog site and directly from our sales team.”

According to GGS, prospects for the North American market expansion are positive. “The expansion is mostly to cover North American needs, but internationally we continue to grow every year,” says Leigh Coulter.

“We now have a distributor in the Netherlands, and have had success selling in Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Kenya and more. International opportunities require a greater depth of knowledge, and that has certainly been beneficial to our North American customers as well,” she says.