Hail Storm Shreds Greenhouse Roofs

Hail Storm Shreds Greenhouse Roofs

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist is in clean-up mode this week after a Monday night hailstorm destroyed greenhouse roof coverings at its two facilities in Arvada, Colo.

All coverings were made of Dynaglass, and not a single panel of it is salvageable.


“It’s just a mess,” Bruce Daniel, company president, said Thursday. “We’re trying to complete one small project at a time and move forward. We’re scrambling to find materials and put a plan together. It’s a nightmare.”

Daniel estimates damage well into six figures, but the operation is still in business. Twenty to 30 percent of plants were lost, and the operation expects the roof replacement process to take about six weeks. Stevens and Son will use Dynaglass coverings as the replacement material.

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