New Greenhouse Structures And Coverings

New Greenhouse Structures And Coverings

Here Comes The Sun

Nexus Corporation
The Nexus Zephyr will help you optimize the ability to hold outside ambient temperature in the greenhouse without use of mechanical cooling. Combining the latest Zephyr atrium vent and side/end-wall vents eliminates the need for fans and reduces electrical costs.


CO-EX Corporation
Recently introduced, the Click 16 is ideal for glazing and roofing and the four-wall construction of Click 16 is thermally efficient, and saves on heating and cooling costs. The four walls also add to the strength of the sheet, yet offer high light transmission. Click 16 is opaque to UV rays.

The new Polyheilos polyethylene greenhouse covering is a multi-layer film technology with selected additives, which provides the right combination of strength, versatility and light transmission. The film has unique mechanical-optical and thermal characteristics to ensure greater durability.

Amerilux International
The Lexan Softlite Thermoclear Plus multiwall sheet and the Lexan Softlite Corrugated polycarbonate sheets offer 79 percent and 85 percent light transmission, respectively. Plants will benefit from high levels of light transmission for growth, and protection from harsh intense light.