Slideshow: Aris’s Greenhouse Construction

Slideshow: Aris’s Greenhouse Construction

Slideshow: Aris's Greenhouse Construction[imageviewer]

Aris Horticulture’s construction of 239,580 square feet of new greenhouses is moving along quickly at its Keepsake Plants facility in Fort Myers, Fla. The construction is part of a consolidation of facilities between the company’s locations in Fort Myers and Parrish, Fla.


“Replacing some older facilities allows the company to further take advantage of the southwest Florida growing environment, providing increased stock capacity for tropical hibiscus and mandevilla, and improving quality of azalea production,” says Gary Knipe, managing director. “The consolidation of orders between farms will make ordering and shipping of multiple products easier for our customers and more efficient for us.”

The first plantings started in early November, only a few months after construction began. The target date for the new greenhouses to be fully operational is mid-January. Products grown at the Fort Myers facility includes azaleas, tropical hibiscus, mandevillas potted roses and rooted garden mums and asters.