Svensson Cloth Effective On Mums

Svensson Cloth Effective On Mums

Svensson Cloth Effective On Mums

Obscura W/W, a multilayer structure of white/black/white films with black yarn, creates a highly reflective, porous surface with very low light transmission that shortens days for garden mums.


To force garden mums with the seven weeks of short days (13 hours of night) they need, Obscura W/W solves many challenges, including high night temperatures and interrupted darkness. Unlike black plastic film, Obscura W/W doesn’t collect rainwater and crush plants. It won’t absorb heat and humidity, either, and it’s lightweight and easy to handle.

“Obscura W/W is the better way to force garden mums,” says Kurt Parbst, president of Svensson’s North and South American subsidiary. “Getting mums to market faster certainly increases growers’ chances of earning higher prices.”

Obscura W/W allows less than 0.5 percent light transmission and is made with a porous yarn structure built to release rainwater and excess humidity. Its superior reflective surface greatly reduces heat buildup and eliminates the need to pull back the cover on hot nights. Plus, its light weight makes it possible to drape directly over mums or easily support with a simple post-and-wire structure.

Standard 13-, 14- and 17-foot widths are available, with wider widths easily accommodated by sewing half or full widths of any standard sizes.

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