Update: Hoop Houses In Haiti

Update: Hoop Houses In Haiti

Update: Hoop Houses In Haiti



Since we last reported Feb. 9 on the hoop houses Esbenshade’s Greenhouses designed and built for homeless Haitians following the January earthquake, 80 of the 200 have been erected and are now providing shelter in Haiti.

The other 120 hoop houses are in Haiti but grounds need to be cleared before the houses are set up.

In addition to the original 200 Esbenshade’s sent, the greenhouse operation is currently planning to send parts for another 200 hoop houses.

“This time, we’re going to be sending more raw materials down,” Terry Esbenshade says. “YWAM (Youth with a Mission International) has people down there who are now familiar with the hoop houses, and they’re going to be doing the work that we were originally doing. It’s more feasible that way.”

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