Dümmen Orange Renews Partnership With Dutch Rose Cooperative

Avalanche+ rosesDümmen Orange and the Avalanche+ growers cooperative, a group made up of 10 leading Dutch rose growers who dedicate about 120 acres of cultivation space to producing Avalanche+ roses, are extending their partnership for at least another four years. Thdeal should strengthen the market position of these unique roses even further. 

Although Dümmen Orange and the Avalanche+ cooperative were already involved in a collaboration lasting until 2022, Karel van Rijn (Board member for the Dümmen Orange growers’ cooperative and rose grower) and Koen Stigter (Product Manager Rose at Dümmen Orange) signed a contract to extend the partnership to 2026. 


Extending the contract says something about the success we’ve already enjoyed,” van Rijn saysWe’ve been working closely with Dümmen Orange since 2013. 

The Avalanche+ cooperative consists of a select group of Dutch growers who belong to the leading companies of the cut flower sector and ensure that their large-flowered roses are available in a range of splendid colors and outstanding quality all year round. By working closely with this growers’ cooperative and devoting great attention to marketing its products, Dümmen Orange has ensured that Avalanche+ has become a familiar name among florists and distributors. Around 25% of the Dutch production area for cut roses is dedicated to Avalanche+. 

Internationally, Avalanche+ is by far the most popular flower for special events such as royal and celebrity weddings and decorations in Vatican City. Its large bud always opens fully, and it provides long, strong stems with notably few thorns, fresh, deepgreen foliage, and a truly impressive vase life. 

The successful partnership involving Dümmen Orange and the Avalanche+ growers began back in 2013, and we are looking forward to working together on promoting such a great product in coming years,” Stigter saysThe Avalanche+ cooperative consists of the best rose growers in the world, and people dedicated to providing consumers with a top-quality product every day.