Mums is the Word for New Flower Line from Dümmen Orange

Vitamum line of flowers from Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange is introducing a new line of mums — the Vitamum.

Dümmen Orange has a new garden mum brand ready for the 2020 retail season. According to the company, its Vitamum line features a refined assortment, unique mutation-bred families, and interesting novelty varieties. Many of the products are existing grower favorites that have been reintroduced with a new name, listed alongside the previous name in the catalog for easy reference.


The catalog is organized by timing and color to expedite the program-planning process. New families offer reliably matched selections for garden mum growers, including the Homerun family – which features four varieties that also are available as Confetti Garden combinations.

“We’re excited to launch the new brand,” stated QiuXia Chen, Product Manager for Dümmen Orange. “We spent a week with the Dümmen Orange Grower Council to fully vet our new garden mum selections. There are some exciting changes for the 2020 program, and with the rebranding of our program to Vitamum, we continue to build a strong connection with our customers.”

The digital catalog is now available on the Dümmen Orange website, and the printed catalog will be available from broker sales representatives in early December.