Terra Nova Nurseries, Dümmen Orange to Partner on Unrooted Cuttings Production

Terra Nova Shipping BoxOne of the big stories that came out of Cultivate’17 was an announcement from Terra Nova Nurseries that it has contracted with Dümmen Orange to produce unrooted cuttings (URCs) from Terra Nova private stock located at Dümmen Orange’s Central America facilities. The URCs will fulfill orders in North America and Europe, and, official URC production will begin Oct. 3, 2017 (week 40) and thereafter continue.

Savannah International, Ltd., located in the Republic of Kenya, Africa, which is the former North America supplier of Terra Nova Nurseries’ URCs, will continue to hold a license to sell the URCs outside North America. According to a Terra Nova statement, the change was precipitated by logistical challenges caused during ongoing construction at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya.


As airline connections from Kenya to the U.S. were altered, extended time to transport the cuttings from the Savannah International, Ltd. facility to the U.S. diminished the quality of the product. This led Terra Nova Nurseries to seek new and diverse supply systems to ensure the delivery of high-quality, on-time cuttings to its global licensee and customer base.

“Extending our URC program partnership with Dümmen Orange is particularly beneficial due to the organization’s stability, business-to-business computer integration, history of consistent order fulfillment, and diverse delivery systems,” says Ken Brown, General Manager and Co-Owner of Terra Nova Nurseries. “Simultaneously, Savannah International, Ltd. will continue to supply quality URCs of our stock beyond North America.”

According to Brown, Dümmen Orange has been a long-time Terra Nova Nurseries licensee and has gained much experience growing the stock and selling the cuttings into the global market. This made the new contract production agreement between Dümmen Orange and Terra Nova Nurseries a palpable and advantageous choice for both companies.

The URCs are available through Terra Nova Nurseries, the North American broker networks, and Dümmen Orange’s global sales network.