Terra Nova Takes Home Top Honors at University of Georgia Plant Trials

Artemisia Makana Silver (Terra Nova Nurseries) University of Georgia trial gardens

Artemisia Makana Silver (Terra Nova Nurseries)

Two of Terra Nova Nurseries’ varieties recently received high honors at the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia (UGA). Agastache ‘Poquito Butter Yellow’ and Artemisia ‘Makana Silver’ varieties, respectively, received the Industry Choice and People’s Choice awards, as designated by various garden-tour visitors. Terra Nova trialed select varieties of agastache, heuchera, artemisia, and other genera at UGA’s trial gardens from April to June 2019.


The awarded varieties were selected by two respective open-house tour groups at UGA. Retailers, breeders, brokers, growers, media members, students, and industry professionals determined the winners of the Industry Choice awards June 5, 2019, and winners of the People’s Choice awards were determined by attendees of UGA trial garden’s public open house on June 8. Visitors of both the industry-focused open house and public open house were given flags to identify and mark their favorite varieties.

Agastache Poquito Butter Yellow (Terra Nova Nurseries)

Agastache Poquito Butter Yellow (Terra Nova Nurseries)

Agastache ‘Poquito Butter Yellow’ received a perfect five-out-of-five trial rating based on the variety’s timing of first flower, duration of flowering, height, and foliar health. The variety blooms vibrant yellow flowers and has a compact, bushy growth habit, that adds a pop of color to mixed beds, borders, and containers.

Artemisia ‘Makana Silver’ received a near-perfect rating while being trialed at UGA’s gardens. The variety was judged for its number of flowers, leaf color, uniformity of habit and flower, resistance to insects and diseases, and overall appearance. ‘Makana Silver; is a small, mounding shrub with beautiful silver foliage that offers a strong textural element to any garden or mixed container.

Additionally, Terra Nova’s Begonia ‘Silver Treasure’ received a Plant of Distinction award July 1, 2019, gaining recognition as an outstanding variety currently being trialed in the UGA gardens.

The Trial Gardens at UGA are located on the University of Georgia’s south campus in Athens, GA. The gardens will trial 500 varieties in 2019 from major breeding companies and botanical gardens from across Asia, North America, South American, South Africa, and Europe.