The Top Fresh Produce Greenhouse Growers in the U.S. (Updated 6/18/21)

Greenhouse tomato planting at Mucci Farms top fresh produce greenhouse growers

Photo: Mucci Farms

The controlled-environment segment in the fresh produce industry is growing rapidly, with new greenhouse growers entering the industry and long-standing growers expanding their operations. Greenhouse Grower’s inaugural list of the top greenhouse operations growing produce for the fresh market stands at 14 operations growing in the U.S. The total U.S. square footage for greenhouse operations one to 14 equals 41,568,620 square feet.


Rankings are based on known square footage of sites with operating greenhouses in the U.S.

Please note that identifying and ranking the largest greenhouse fresh-market vegetable growers in North America proved a difficult task for a multitude of reasons. Many projects and expansions occur under the radar, and the speed at which growers are scaling up and expanding is difficult to stay apprised of. Having culled this list from various industry media reports and web-based data sources, we’d love to hear from you if you find something incorrect on this list. Additionally, we would like to eventually compile a Top 100 list of greenhouse operations growing fresh-market vegetables based on square footage of environmentally controlled space. If you feel you should be on this list, please email [email protected] to submit a correction or information about your facility.

2021 Top Fresh Produce Greenhouse Growers in the U.S.

RankCompanyTotal Acres/U.S. Square FootageState Acres/Square Footage
1Mastronardi Produce238 acres (10,367,280 sq. ft.)New York: 64 acres (2,787,840 sq. ft) Michigan: 96 acres (4,181,760 sq. ft.)
Maine: 42 acres (1,829,520 sq. ft.)
Ohio: 18 acres (784,080 sq. ft.)
Colorado: 18 acres (784,080 sq. ft.)
2Windset Farms168 acres (7,318,000 sq. ft.)California: 168 acres (7,318,000 sq. ft.)
3Houweling’s Tomatoes155 acres (6,751,800 sq. ft.)Utah: 30 acres (1,306,800 sq. ft.) California: 125 acres (5,445,000 sq. ft.)
4Village Farms138 acres (6,000,000 sq. ft.)Texas: 138 acres (6,000,000 sq. ft.)
5Intergrow129 acres (5,623,800 sq. ft.)New York: (5,623,800 sq. ft.)
6Pure Flavor74 acres (3,223,440 sq. ft.)Georgia: 74 acres (3,223,440 sq. ft.)
7AppHarvest60 acres (2,613,600 sq. ft.)Kentucky: 60 acres (2,613,600 sq. ft.)
(broke ground on two locations with total square footage of 3,267,000)
8Bushel Boy49 acres (2,134,440 sq. ft.)Minnesota: 32 acres (1,415,700 sq. ft.)
Iowa: 17 acres (718,740 sq. ft.)
9NatureFresh Farms45 acres (1,960,200 sq. ft.)Ohio: 45 acres (1,960,200 sq. ft.)
10tMucci Farms30 acres (1,306,800 sq. ft.)Ohio: 30 acres (1,306,800 sq. ft.)
10tMighty Vine30 acres (1,306,800 sq. ft.)Illinois: 30 acres (1,306,800 sq. ft.)
12Red Sun Farms18 acres (784,080 sq. ft.)Virginia: 18 acres (784,080 sq. ft.)
13Bright Farms16 acres (710,000 sq. ft.)Ohio: 3 acres (120,000 sq. ft.)
Pennsylvania: 6 acres (280,000 sq. ft.)
Illinois: 4 acres (160,000 sq. ft.)
Virginia: 3 acres (150,000 sq. ft.)
North Carolina: unknown
14Gotham Greens13 acres (600,000 sq. ft.)California: 2 acres (100,000 sq. ft.)
New York: 2 acres (95,000 sq. ft.)
Illinois: 4 acres (175,000 sq. ft.)
Rhode Island: 2 acres (100,000 sq. ft.)
Maryland: 2 acres (100,000 sq. ft.)
Colorado: approx. 1 acre (30,000 sq. ft.)
15Kentucky Fresh Harvest11 acres (483,516 sq. ft.)Kentucky: 11 acres (483,516 sq. ft.)
16Little Leaf Farms10 acres (435,600 sq. ft.)Massachusetts: 10 acres (435,600 sq. ft.)
17Great Lakes Growers6 acres (260,000 sq. ft.)Ohio: 6 acres (260,000 sq. ft.)
18Revol Greens2 acres (108,900 sq. ft.)Minnesota: 2 acres (108,900 sq. ft.)
19Lef Farms2 acres (75,000 sq. ft.)New Hampshire: 2 acres (75,000 sq. ft.)