Cannabis Producers to Learn Biocontrols Basics During Half-Day Workshop

Cannabis marijuanaRegistration for Biocontrols Conference USA West, which takes place March 7-9 in San Diego, is now open. The event features in-depth educational sessions, expert advice on new products, and a tour that showcases how growers are using biocontrols in their own operations.

This year, a new half-day workshop customized for cannabis producers will introduce novice cultivators to the world of biocontrols, following the conclusion of the conference program on Friday, March 9.


During the Biocontrols Basics in Cannabis Production Workshop, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans of Buglady Consulting and Kelly Vance of Beneficial Insectary, will lay out the basics cannabis cultivators need to understand. Workshop content is designed to help beginning users get their programs off the ground, and experienced users to take their biological control programs to the next level. Workshop attendees will learn how to integrate biopesticides into biological control programs, as well as learn about some of the latest research.

This informative class will cover useful information on pests and solutions that any cannabis grower or consultant can use in their pest management programs and recommendations.

Topics will includeBiocontrols_West_2018

  • Profiles of the bad guys (Identification & Biology)
  • Profiles of the good guys (Identification & Biology)
  • Sanitation and trapping
  • Who eats whom (Sample programs)
  • Pesticide compatibility
  • How to buy beneficial insects
  • How to check your beneficials
  • Release methods

The workshop is filling up fast, so secure your place today by visiting the Biocontrols Conference USA West website.