2015 Paul Ecke Jr. Scholarship Goes To Daniel Klittich

2015 Paul Ecke Jr. Scholarship Goes To Daniel Klittich

Daniel Klittich - 2015 AFE Scholarship Winner

Daniel Klittich

The American Floral Endowment presented University of California Davis student Daniel Klittich with the 2015 Paul Ecke Jr. Scholarship. Klittich will receive $5,000 for two consecutive years, provided he continues to meet scholarship requirements.


Klittich, a doctoral student in entomology, says support from the industry is a meaningful and appreciated honor, and he is grateful for the opportunity to help move the industry forward with his research on pest control and management, which focuses on increasing plant resistance to pests and disease through the use of silicon-based fertilizers.

“I intend to continue this research by testing silicate fertilizers in field trials at production facilities and on new crops. This scholarship will help with technical aspects in the laboratory and will allow me to travel and do more field work,” he says.

In addition to his research, Klittich has participated in numerous floriculture-related workshops and public outreach events, written several successful grant proposals and has a number of practical publications. He has also collaborated with growers in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties including Pyramid Flowers, GroLink Chrysanthemums and Ocean Breeze International.

“We have been impressed with his practical and technical knowledge and his experience with research projects,” wrote Rene Van Wingerden and Phil Soderman of Ocean Breeze in their recommendation letter. “Daniel has an excellent understanding of the needs of agriculture/horticulture growers.”

The two 2014 Ecke recipients, Joshua Craver of Purdue University and Emma Lookabaugh of North Carolina State University, will receive their second year of funding in 2015.

The merit-based Paul Ecke Jr. scholarship is awarded to M.S. or Ph.D. students studying horticulture or a related field, who intend to pursue a career as a researcher, scientist or educator. The American Floral Endowment provides more than 20 additional scholarships annually to undergraduate and graduate students.

Click here for more information about the scholarship, including eligibility requirements and application information. For more information about the American Floral Endowment, visit Endowment.org.